Products we market

Festo (Germany) /Labvolt (Canada)

TECHNOLOGY TRAINING SYSTEMS Electricity, Electronics & Industrial Electronics, Microprocessor & Telecommunication, Programmable Logic Controls, Antenna & Microwave Technology, Power Control, etc.

Technical Training Systems on:

  • Electricity & Electronics & Industrial Electronics
  • Digital and Microprocessors & Telecommunications
  • Electric & Power Instrumentations
  • Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Automation & Robotics & Programmable Logic Controls
  • Antenna & Microwave Technology Fiber Optic Comm
  • Electromechanical Systems
  • Fluid Power Sys & Instrumentation Process Controls
  • Alternative and Renewable Energy Training System
  • Simulation/Training Software
  • Radar Training System


TECHNOLOGY TRAINING SYSTEMS Language Laboratories, Electrical & Power Technology Electrical Technologies, Computer & Information Technology Automotive & Transportation Technology ,Electrical Power & Technologies, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology, etc.

 Language Laboratories

  • Electronics Technology
  • Electrical & Power Technology
  • Learning Management System
  • Computer & Information Technology
  • Automotive & Transportation Technology
  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology

Fluke UK/US

  • Precision Measurement Equipment/Standards
  • Universal Calibration Systems
  • Oscilloscope/ Multifunction Calibrators
  • Pulse, Sweep, Arbitrary Waveform and Function Generator
  • Precision DMM & Transfer Standards
  • Synthesized Universal Waveform Generators
  • RF Calibration Standard Station
  • Time & Frequency Standard
  • Trans conductance Amplifier (upto 6,000 Amps)
  • Current Shunts
  • Temperature Measurement Standards
  • Temperature Calibrators/Bath, Humidity Calibrators
  • ITS-90 Temperature Standard Package
  • Primary Standards
  • Thermometer Readouts
  • Thermometer Probes
  • Temperature Baths
  • Dry Wells
  • Metrology Wells
  • Thermocouple/Annealing Furnaces
  • Temperature/Humidity Generators
  • PRT’s and Thermisters
  • DC Bridges
  • Calibration Software’s

Pakistan Cables

Pakistan Cables, the country’s oldest and most reputable cable manufacturer, was established over six decades ago in 1953 as a joint venture with British Insulated Calendar Cable (BICC), UK. BICC was one of the leading cable manufacturing companies in the world during the time. In the subsequent six decades, Pakistan Cables has earned a reputation as a market leader and premier cable manufacturer in the country and a company that does not compromise on quality. Pakistan Cables has been listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange since 1955.

Pressurements (A Fluke Company)

  • Pneumatic Dead Weight Tester
  • Hydraulic Dead Weight Tester
  • Pneumatic Comparison Test Pump
  • Comparison Test Pump
  • Liquid to Liquid Separators
  • Liquid to Gas Separators
  • Dirt/Moisture Trap

Ruska (A Fluke Company)

  • Differential Pressure cell/null Indicators
  • Piston Gauge monitors
  • Pitot/Static Primary Standards
  • Gas Piston Gauge
  • Differential Pressure Gauge
  • Differential Pressure Indicators
  • Digital Pressure Controller/Calibrators
  • Multi-Range Pressure Calibration System
  • Air Data Test Sets
  • Liquid Trap
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Pressure Calibration Software

DH Instruments (A Fluke Company)

  • Air Data Calibration Standards
  • EDW-T Electronic Dead Weight Testers
  • Force Balance Piston Gauge
  • Dynamic Gravimetric Mass Flow System
  • Flow Calibration System
  • Manually Operated Pressure Generators/Controllers for Hydraulic Pressure
  • Pneumatic Gauge Pressure Calibrator
  • Pressure Controller/Calibrator
  • Automatic Pressure Calibration System
  • Reference Pressure Monitors

Aeroflex Ltd.

  • Telecommunication Test Instruments/Analyzers
  • Signal Generators & Counters and Power Meters, Microwave Counters with Power Meter
  • Avionics Test Instruments
  • Microwave Test Sets/Analyzers Spectrum Analyzers
  • Automation Test Equipment Systems & Solutions
  • Automotive Test System
  • Radio Altimeter Testers
  • Fuel Quantity Testers
  • Synthetic Test System

Giga-Tronics Inc.

  • RF and Microwave Test Equipment for use in Cellular, PCS, Radar, Defense, and Satellite systems
  • Microwave Signal Generators
  • Microwave Power Amplifier
  • Universal Power Meter
  • USB Peak Power Sensor
  • Synthesizers Modules
  • Y/G Components
  • Customized Synthesizer Module

Tegam Inc.

  • RF Power Sensor Calibration Systems
  • RF Attenuation Measurement Systems
  • Resistance & Ratio Standards
  • Arbitrary Waveform & Function Generators
  • LCR Meters & Ohmmeters & Electrical Safety Meters
  • Temperature Calibrators & Humidity Controllers & Transmitters
  • Transmitters & Digital Thermometers & Temp Probes

King Nutronics Corp.

  • Pressure Calibrators, Torque& Force Calibrators
  • Vacuum Thermo Units
  • Tachometer Test Sets
  • Air Data Test Set
  • Pneumatic Amplifiers
  • Instruments Cleaning System
  • Hydraulic Hand Pump
  • Test Chambers
  • PC Drive Torque Calibrators

SOLTEQ Malaysia

Solution Engineering Sdn Bhd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Solution Engineering Holdings Berhad, an ACE Market listed company in Bursa Malaysia Securities.

Solution specialises in the design and development of teaching equipment for engineering education (SOLTEQ) such as chemical, mechanical, electrical and control engineering. Our products are utilised in public and private universities, university colleges, polytechnics, skilled training centers, advanced technical institutions and colleges.